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Hi neighbors! The Friends of Saddlebrook are alive and well, and we need you! We hope you will take a minute to read a few updates about the group and hopefully, get involved.

As many of you know, residents of Saddlebrook and surrounding neighborhoods united in 2017 and invested time and money to resurrect the golf course that had long-been a positive economic and social factor in the community. With a bank-driven foreclosure sale looming, it was likely that property values in the area would take a hit if the land was split into commercial and/or multi-unit residential projects.

The community’s response was swift and decisive. The “Friends of Saddlebrook” campaign raised nearly $300,000 in a few short months. Assured of the community’s support, Green Golf Partners completed the purchase of the course and committed an experienced staff to the enormous task of rehabbing and opening the course for public golf sooner rather than later. In May 2018, the Saddlebrook Golf Club reopened to the public…and there was much rejoicing!

Fundraising was the primary focus of FoS during 2017, but it was not the only purpose its organizers and volunteers envisioned. Tapping into a strong community spirit to foster common interests, leveraging new lines of communication, and taking advantage of Saddlebrook Golf Club’s facilities as a central spot for fun activities (euchre? trivia? crafts?) were ideas for the future.

With the inaugural golf course season behind us and 2019 gearing into full swing, the future is now! A small group has started talking about how to engage, plan, and serve the interests of our community most effectively. While our aim is NOT to provide free marketing for GGP, Saddlebrook Golf Club’s success as a profitable business is closely tied to our community and property value interests, so an ongoing, collaborative dialogue is essential.

Here’s where you come in:

Golf and related events are obvious, but what other things would motivate others to get involved? Some of us are new to the area and don’t golf, but enjoy fun and games and getting to know others who call this tiny corner of Earth “home.” Gathering to watch big sporting events, enjoying a great local band, celebrating a big holiday together, or hosting local craft/food truck/farmer’s market – anything and everything is on the table.

If you have ideas and a bit of time and energy to give, we would love your help! Whether you want to get directly involved, or just prefer to stay informed about what’s going on, more engagement will make our community stronger.

Hopefully, all year long! Our goal is to have events and activities to suit a variety of interests. Want to be an active voice? Let us know in your survey response that you want to be part of the discussion!

There are many ways to stay informed and engaged – so many options, no right answer for everyone:

Many thanks to those who have and continue to support our community and the Saddlebrook Golf Club! We look forward to working together on many great things to come!

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