Help Preserve Saddlebrook

We have had a PHENOMENAL response from so many friends who have stepped up to preserve our beautiful golf course community. To all of you, we say…THANK YOU!!

We’re not done yet, though. As of Dec. 31, 2017 — the end of a remarkable year of giving and celebrations$291,140 had been pledged (97% toward our overall $300k goal) and $273,769 had been collected (94% of total pledged). It’s not too late to contribute toward bringing Saddlebrook — an invaluable asset to our community — back to a beautiful and busy golf course. Sixty percent of the homeowners in Saddlebrook are already on board. Their generosity has been augmented by our good friends from nearby neighborhoods who have stepped up to the tee.

Why Should You Help?   |   Saddlebrook History  |  Campaign Letter

The campaign WELCOMES donations until we reach or exceed our $300,000 goal. Click here to do it now!

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Don’t forget…we all benefit from living in or near a golf course community. Your donation is an investment in the future value and safety of our community. We need everyone to pull together as a community to reach our goal!

Every contribution counts, whether large or small, so we are appealing to Saddlebrook homeowners and neighboring communities to give as much as possible to help us reach this important goal. Chip In and Contribute – it’s not too late!

Thank you for your support!
The Capital Campaign Committee

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