April 2017 Update

Originally Posted April 23 by Bob Cole on Facebook

Last Thursday, April 20, we held a “Town Hall” meeting for Saddlebrook homeowners and neighbors. At least 100 people were in attendance. We appreciate everyone who attended, given the rain we had off and on all day! Many good questions came up, especially concerning golf course-related items like the condition of the ponds and the grass. Those issues can be taken care of by the second part of this recap…the golf course update. Ponds and grass are both items that Green Golf Partners has said they will take care of…if and when they take over the course.

It’s well within our reach to take care of these important homeowner issues. We need to work together to meet our fund-raising goal and ensure that Green Golf Partners will be our partner for years to come!

Lisa Cole, chair of the Capital Campaign Committee updated us on the progress of our Friends of Saddlebrook campaign and it is truly amazing! A lot of thanks has to go out to the members of the committee, both from Saddlebrook and our neighbors. They have put in many hours of work planning this campaign, and going door-to-door to make it a reality! Two of the partners of GGP were at the meeting to answer questions. Mike Shaw, President of GGP, is truly amazed at our progress and excited about taking over Saddlebrook Golf Course!

Our campaign began in earnest April 1 with a goal of raising $300,000. $250,000 will go to GGP for the restoration of the course and $50,000 is for our use in the repair of the fence. In just 3 weeks we have received pledges for…drum roll, please…just over $215,000! And this is after participation, so far, of fewer than 50% of the homes in Saddlebrook! We also need to recognize the hard work, and many contributions of our neighbors in Northern Estates, Melbourne Place, Morningside and Kessler Greene. They realize that Saddlebrook Golf Course is truly a neighborhood resource!

This is our only chance at saving Saddlebrook Golf Course. If we can’t reach our goal and make this happen it will not be a golf course. And, rest assured, the bank WILL sell the land. Take a look at the way it looks right now. That abandoned, weed-ridden next-door neighbor is a FRACTION of what it will look like in time! Not to mention the other development (apartments?) we will certainly see there.

Our work is not done. Although the campaign is asking everyone who can to contribute at a leadership level of $1,000 or more, what is needed now is for EVERYONE to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. 100% participation is important!

Our campaign got a front-page, feature article in the Indianapolis Business Journal this weekend. We are so close to our $250K goal to GGP we can almost taste it! Less than $35,000 and we reach our first goal…the saving of Saddlebrook! If we can get pledges of $215,000 in just 3 weeks… come on everyone…let’s pitch in and get the last $35,000!

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