August 2017 Update

Originally posted July 31 by Bob Cole on Facebook

Well, the step we’ve been waiting for has finally happened…

Saddlebrook Golf Course is now owned by GGP Saddlebrook LLC! Green Golf Partners officially CLOSED on the purchase of the course July 27th.

  • Look out on the course. If you see a guy that looks like he played college football (which he did), that will be Tyler Boyd, our new Superintendent. Tyler has grown up on golf courses. His father is a golf course superintendent, too. And, Tyler knows EVERYTHING there is to know about turf, soil, sand, water, and everything else it takes to run a golf course. It’s also Tyler’s fault you’ve probably seen fewer geese around the course lately, too. He brings his Australian Shepherd to work every day, who LIVES to chase geese! Say HI to Tyler and his staff! We’ll be seeing a lot of them.
  • GGP has a GOAL of trying to open the driving range and the restaurant yet this fall. It depends on progress of both because they have to be done together to make good financial sense. So, watch this space for more news on openings.
  • Now that GGP owns the course, the restoration begins in earnest. They will be removing the dead trees that have cropped up all over the course; treating the ponds; fixing the irrigation system; fixing the clubhouse; repairing the bunkers. We should see lots of people at times!

Many of you have noticed GGP stripping and prepping the greens already. In early Fall, GGP will begin seeding the greens and the rest of the course. The greens are the most important part of the course. They were the most damaged by neglect. And, for the entire time until next spring they will be EXTREMELY FRAGILE. After seeding EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO STAY OFF THE ENTIRE COURSE. Not just the greens but the fairways and cart paths, too. EVERYTHING! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No walking, jogging, running, walking dogs, riding bikes, fishing. All that will have to stop to protect the fragile turf. We’ve all enjoyed our “private park” for the past 18 months. However, this is what the largest part of our investment is going to! It will determine the ultimate success or failure of Saddlebrook Golf Course!

You’ll know when the seeding happens. There will be announcements, and GGP will put up signs. They might chain off the entrances. But we will ALL have to protect our investment by staying off the course…100%!

For everyone who has pledged, please remember ALL FINAL payments on pledges are due no later than November 15.  We owe the second payment on our financial commitment to GGP at that time, so it is very important that payments are made on time and in full.

Finally, for a final piece of good news… save the date, Sunday Nov. 5!
To thank everyone that has worked so hard to make this happen, when SO MANY people said it could never be done, and to celebrate the neighborhoods and our golf course, there will be a KICKOFF PARTY and CELEBRATION! Details are being worked on so more info to come. But it promises to be a real shindig, so plan on being there!

Thank you again for your support!!

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