July 2017 Update

Originally posted July 4 by Bob Cole on Facebook

Saw a beautiful rainbow over Saddlebrook this evening and realized how hard so many people have worked to save our golf course. Thanks to MORE PEOPLE THAN I CAN COUNT!

As of July 4 we have total pledges of $266,644. Even better, we have collected $166,753. We’ve more than met our commitment to pay Green Golf Partners $125,000 after they close. Thanks to everyone who’s pledged… everyone who’s paid, and all the friends out there collecting!

We have had people ask if they can still pledge or even increase their contribution. The answer is, YES! We will continue accepting contributions, as we have not reached our overall goal of $300,000.

The other question I hear is, if I increase my pledge will it count toward the “perks” GGP is offering? The answer there is also, YES. Different perks are offered at pledge levels of $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000.

Our remaining balance is due by November 15th, So, everyone’s pledges in total need to be paid in full by then. But, you don’t have to wait. Check out payment options here.

You’ve probably noticed that Saddlebrook is starting to look like a golf course again! GGP has actively been treating for weeds and mowing the course, which has made a huge difference. Their aquatics rep has been onsite and is developing plans to treat the ponds. They are also working up plans to fix the irrigation system, and to make sure the tunnel under 56th Street will be safe for years to come.

Saddlebrook’s new Superintendent, Tyler Boyd, started work on June 27th and will be directing the restoration of the course. I hope I can meet Tyler soon!

And the best news:¬†Contracts are being drawn up and GGP hopes to close on Saddlebrook by July 14th! They’ll be the official owners of Saddlebrook!

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