November 2017 Update

Dear Friends of Saddlebrook:

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Friends of Saddlebrook celebration November 5th at the clubhouse. We had nearly 250 in attendance, we got to try Rolyno’s (our future Saddlebrook pizzeria) delicious pizza and breadsticks, we received a certificate from the City proclaiming this “Friends of Saddlebrook Day”, and we raised an additional $11,800 from the auction and a generous corporate donation from T.A. Kaiser Heating and Air Conditioning to put towards our campaign, which now totals over $286,000!

It is amazing what we have accomplished together since the auction signs went up back in February 2016. Neighbors from Saddlebrook and surrounding neighborhoods working together to help save the Saddlebrook golf course—particularly when so many thought we couldn’t. And we have much to be thankful for in finding Green Golf Partners, who has quickly demonstrated they are more than a buyer but rather a true partner who not only cares about the game of golf and restoring our course to playability again but cares about our neighborhoods, too.

But we’re not quite done. While we have raised over $286,000 in pledges and donations, we still need to collect over $25,000 in payments on the pledges made and we still need donations to take us to our ultimate campaign goal of $300,000. Remember, we committed $250,000 to Green Golf Partners and $50,000 to repair the fence.

Therefore, we will keep collecting pledges and donations to the Friends of Saddlebrook campaign until December 31st, 2017. We need everyone who has pledged to honor their commitment and pay in full. And if you haven’t contributed yet, it’s not too late to do so now.

You may make payments/donations through your canvass team captain (contact Janet Stropes at if you’re unsure who your campaign rep is) or you may go online to fulfill your pledge or donate. If you use a credit card to donate, please consider increasing your amount by 3% to cover the 3% fee we must pay for using credit cards.

Thank you to all who have donated and fulfilled their pledge commitments and to all the neighbor volunteers who worked hard to make this campaign a reality. Now, let’s finish what we started and see the remainder of our payments and donations take us to our goal.


Lisa Cole
Friends of Saddlebrook Campaign Chair

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