October 2017 Update

Please remember your pledges are due in full by November 15th
This is a few short weeks off and we need to meet our $250,000 commitment to GGP. You should have received invoices from our committee. They will be making personal calls in early November.  The invoice tells the ways you can pay, but you can contact your committee person.  If you choose to pay online PLEASE include an additional 3% above your pledge to cover the credit card fees we must pay. A significant amount of our balance has already been eaten up by those fees.

Exciting things are continuing to happen at OUR Saddlebrook Golf Course!

The fall rains have been GREAT for the growing season. The greens are all “rebuilt” and are looking FANTASTIC. Green Golf Partners have seeded the fairways, too and they’ll be improving every day.

BE SURE to come to our celebration Sunday, November 5, from 4:00-7:00pm at the clubhouse and outside. You can get the LATEST updates and some EXCITING new announcements (hint: think… restaurant!). GGP will be providing some games (a new one I’m looking forward to called “Fling Golf”). The restaurant will be providing samples of our new Rolyno’s Original Pizza.  Special guest will be there, city and state representatives. A few important speakers will say a few words at 5pm. Don’t want to miss announcements there! And… we will be holding a SILENT AUCTION with some great donated items, to raise money for the Friends of Saddlebrook.  You definitely WON’T want to miss that!

You may have seen our new Course Superintendent, Tyler Boyd, on site with his crew for the fall working on restoration. Well, stop by on the 5th and meet our new General Manager/Golf Pro, Jackson Krauter! Jackson has been onsite since the beginning of this week and will be permanently stationed in the Clubhouse every weekday. Jackson comes to us from a successful run managing a GGP course in Illinois and is a marketing genius! He’s looking forward to the things they can do to build up Saddlebrook Golf Club and the neighborhood! Check out and “Like” their new Facebook page. Logos, a website, phone numbers and emails will be coming soon! They are also on Twitter at @saddlebrookgolfclub.

Keep track of the restaurant on Facebook and on Twitter at @RolynosPizzaSaddlebrook

The course and Friends of Saddlebrook got some great press from the Indianapolis Business Journal online today.  Check out the wonderful article. It should be in the print issue this coming weekend.

Robert Cole

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