Did Someone Say Celebration?! FoS Campaign Committee Basket

20170502_203039About the FoS Committee: To us, Saddlebrook represents so much more than golf; its natural beauty is a source of pride. Volunteers from Saddlebrook and surrounding neighborhoods joined together in a grassroots fundraising campaign aimed at attracting and partnering with a golf course operator who could revive the course. We are so proud that so many neighbors to “stepped up to the tee” with donations, and fortunate that the commitment of the Green Golf Partners team has come so far toward making our dream of “Saddlebrook’s Back!” a reality!fos committee basker.pngAbout this Auction Offer: Winning bidder receives everything in this Celebration Basket (an authentic Longaberger apple basket), which includes several wines, liquors, snacks, accessories and (of course) golf balls! All items donated by members of the FoS Campaign Committee.

Note: Must be 21 to purchase.


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