Hot Toddy’s Granola & More Gift Basket

toddys logoAbout Hot Toddy’s:  Owned by Todd Keys, who became a Saddlebrook Central homeowner this year, Hot Toddy’s is a home-baked goods company that started with homemade granola, and has expanded into baked goods and preserves. Look for them at farmer’s markets during the “season” and online any time of the year!

About this Auction Offer: Winning bidder takes home this fabulous selection of Hot Toddy’s hand-crafted goods, featuring Todd’s delicious granola!

toddHi, I’m Todd, and this is my passion.  I have always loved granola, and a few years ago began making my own. After much experimentation I developed my own recipe.  Friends and family loved my creation, and encouraged me to share what I make with everyone. I hope you enjoy it as well!
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