A Brief History of Saddlebrook

Slideshow of Saddlebrook Golf Course. Many are Google Maps images dated July 2007, August 2009, August 2011 and July 2015.

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1992  Saddlebrook opens as a 9-hole course.

1994  Course expands to 18 holes. Eventually becomes par-71 course over 135 acres.

2007  Saddlebrook featured in the Indy Star as a hidden ‘gem’ course in Marion County.

2016  Saddlebrook Golf Course goes up for auction, is bought by First Financial Bank (FFB).

2016   A 4-person committee of concerned Saddlebrook homeowners works to find a buyer who will keep the land as a golf course and protect home values in the neighborhood, instead of allowing the land to go to a developer or remain abandoned.

2017  Indiana-based Green Golf Partners (GGP) offers to buy the course; signs purchase agreement with FFB.

NOW  The deal makes good business sense only if our community is willing to put some skin in the game. Before they close, GGP needs our help with a $300,000 capital investment to restore the course.

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