In Honor of David W. Davis

David W. Davis


Saddlebrook--pic of david davis, granddaughter Nora and son Eric

David Davis didn’t live in Saddlebrook—his home in Northern Estates butted up to the Saddlebrook golf course and he loved its view from his backyard.

David believed in the cause to save the golf course and so he jumped into the fight with both feet—joining the Friends of Saddlebrook campaign committee, donating to the campaign at a leader level and canvassing his neighborhood for support, even when it was a struggle to do so. David was fighting the Saddlebrook fight while fighting his own battle with cancer.

And though David lost his battle with cancer on October 8, his courage, laughter, endless jokes, sharing life lessons, left an indelible mark on us as individuals and inspired us to succeed in our campaign to save Saddlebrook golf course.

They say a man’s legacy is known not from the number of years lived but from the life he lived in those years. David Davis lived a life to be honored.

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